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Heather followed by an irish name... haha- this' Journal
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Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
3:11 am
The next couple weeks
So, since I haven't updated in awhile and I just got back from pool leagues - I decided that 3:15am was a good time to do so.

Nothing else has really changed. Got a really expensive pool cue and case for my birthday and the first day I get to shoot with it in leagues - BOMBED! Yeah, I still won 3 out of 4 and I won with a 16 in one game (17 being the best you can get)... I still sucked. Cue ball positioning today was just out of the question - I was lucky I could make the ball.

Dan left yesterday (or technically now) two days ago and I kinda feel like an emptiness. Maybe because there really isn't anything going on at home and the friends I have here - all have their own lives and everything so it is just kinda boring and I miss him. Tomorrow, I have nothing to do - kinda nice but around 6:30 - I am going to go have dinner with my mom and Dan's mom. (We are going to the Kerry Piper, I know, how original) It will be kinda quiet tomorrow though. I didn't get to talk to Dan tonight because of my pool leagues and then tomorrow, he is shooting in a tourney at ISU - so I am pretty sure I won't talk to him then.

Wednesday, I am having lunch with Mary and then going to go shoot some pool with her- she saw me suck today - not happy. The last time we played - I was keeping up with her (She's a State Master and for you that don't know what that means, she's really good). And then I am taking her ex Amy (that's kinda unconvertable but I've known them since I was 12 as Amy and Mary... so, yeah) to leagues in Lemont. I'm not exactly sure if I have to shoot or not but whatever. So, two days without work - what will I do... if your answer was play pool... you would be correct!

Then Thursday- I am working and maybe meeting my Scotch Doubles partner for State and then Friday - I am working and don't know what else. Hopefully something with Shelly since she is coming home this weekend and I kinda need to keep my mind off of not seeing my boyfriend for almost a month. (It's petty, I know but I'm pretty much bored the whole time of my life)

Saturday and Sunday - not sure what is going on. Eileen has her wedding shower on Sunday and then my mom wants me to go to a Guinness party at my old work and I kinda don't want to go.

But on the 16th, I leave for Penn.- John and Jennie are now back from Iraq and Autumn is turning 2 so Michaela is coming in and we are having a family reunion. It should be a lot of fun. Hopefully Janice and the kids will come up for it. Bj and I are coming back the 22nd and then maybe on the 23rd- I might go down to ISU and bring Dan back to Mokena because his cousin Nikki is having a birthday party and she wants us to go... and then we will be driving down to Eastern because Graham's birthday where we will probably get wasted. But who knows what is going on yet.

I don't know what is going on the rest of the week but I just going to keep my mind off of the next couple weeks... Just give me a call or whatever if you want to do something... that is all for now!
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
12:13 am
My birthday
OK... It is now 12:15 on the Thursday after my birthday and all I can say is that... eww. I drank so much last night- it wasn't even funny. 13 shots, 2 bombs, 4 beers, and then 3 bottles of water later... it all came up. haha- you guys probably didn't want to hear that but too bad- it's my entry!

But yeah, the monday before my birthday- I went to pool leagues- won 3 out of 4 games - had a beer with my team and then headed up to the pool hall. At midnight, I had my first LEGAL beer with my dad and he then gave me a pool cue and break cue and a case... which all equals about $4000... yeah. So then, went to the Kerry Piper Tuesday night - and continued to drink off my ass. Fun fun- I can't wait until I go back and see everyone because I was drunk but I wasn't to the point of blackout or anything - but I do remember not being able to speak at all.

I made it all the way home- and the second i decided to lay down - BAD IDEA! WARNING! That's when I decided to puke. I finally get to sleep around 3am and my mom wakes me up at 11am to go shopping. That was about the last thing I wanted to do. I wasn't hungover but I can say that I didn't feel like moving from my bed. Well - I did - Got the 7th season of the Simpsons and Trivia Pursuit Pop Culture 2 DVD! So I will probably wind up playing that this weekend...

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS THIS WEEKEND! MIDGET BAR!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, Shelly and I have made a date! But then Saturday we are going Gilhooley's to watch the Ploughboy's because Shelly hasn't seen them in FOREVER! But Dan is coming with us- we have to sneak him in because he is still has a year and a half... haha. But I think Baldie is coming too - so it should be a lot of fun.

Then Sunday I am bringing Dan back to ISU and we are going out to dinner with the group hopefully and I am staying down there til Weds. So it will be a lot of fun.

That's pretty much it...
Sunday, January 15th, 2006
7:41 pm
And what could make me speechless you may ask yourself,


29-21. That was just a depressing game. Intense but I felt like jumping through the TV and slapping someone - not Urlacher because he actually played pretty decent- it was the rest of the team.

Whatever, I think my mom and I are now going to go see Hoodwinked. I was supposed to see Tristan and Isolde but she already saw it - which kinda makes me sad because no one will see it with me so I guess I will have to wait til it is out on DVD. :( Oh well, until 9- I am going to go pout. Stupid Bears, I guess I shouldn't be THAT upset- I mean, they are a Chicago team and atleast the Sox won!
Thursday, January 12th, 2006
1:07 pm
Ok... Ok
So, I haven't updated in a while, and I thought it would be a good idea. That and the fact someone sent me a message... I wonder who that could be?!?

Well, there isn't much to update - or is there?!?

New year's was fun. We all went to Meagan Shimkus's house- I tried to drag Shelly but she was "sick"- just kidding. But besides drinking- we always play games like Ride the Bus and Fuck the Dealer but in the garage we played Flippy Cups and Beer Pong. Lot's of fun by all until the throwing up part happened.

Nothing else really, been hanging out with friends before they go back - some already have and the rest of them leave this weekend. So it's going to be me, Steve and Baldy... might be fun on my birthday though- but I expect people to come home to weekend of Jan. 27th - PARTY! I finally turn 21- and that was a long wait since I work in a bar!

But yeah, nothing else really to say now... Currently, I just got out of the shower- I am going to go dry my hair and then pick up Dan from the train station and go for lunch (Aurelio's). Then who knows what - I think Best Buy and Old Navy - I got a $20 gift cert. for Best Buy from winning 2nd in a poker tourney with my friends and I think I am going to go use it. :)

But call the cell if you need me... and Shelly, there you go - Heather wrote in her lj again!! YAY!
Saturday, November 26th, 2005
3:35 pm
Ok, what can I say besides - HOLY CRAP!!

Have these two weeks been uber confusing?? First, I have been going mental for the past two months because I couldn't go to Oireachtas this year because of my ankle. So that was the first thing I have to get over. The second being that I haven't left Dan's house in like 4 days... sad huh? Thanksgiving was interesting... I only had two to go to this year... haha - usually it's just one. So, Dan got to meet my dad's family a couple of weeks ago and then he got to meet my mom's side on thanksgiving. It was awesome - what could I say.... And then around 3, we headed to Dan's aunt Donna's for the second part of thanksgiving... and like we weren't full enough - we went to go see Just Friends and ate popcorn. I think my boyfriend has a weird obsession over Ryan Reynolds... what can I say.... I already know he is gay with Graham (but who isn't)?!?

Yesterday was awesome... I went to go see Dan bowl and then we were off to Krystin's house for her 21st birthday. I got to be a bartender... so what I would have been drunk off of - I was working it off but it was still a lot of fun. Bob drunk is hilarious - What can I say - - that's what makes it worth it.

But right now, I am going upstairs and talking with Dan's family... so yeah - pool later... so if anyone wants to come - you know how to reach me !
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
11:44 am
OK... since I haven't updated in about 2 months... I thought it was time and I have atleast 20 minutes to kill before my next class. GO SHAKESPEARE!!

So for those of you who don't know, Dan and I are back together.. Uh, I might be going to school in London in January (missing my 21st birthday), my pool game is going to hell (stupid bar tables) and yeah - working way too much.

So this week, I have a shitload of homework to do... not to mention that I am supposed to work Weds 4-9/ Thurs 4-9/ Friday 4-10/ Saturday I am working a double from 10-4 and then like 4-9ish/ Sunday 2-8ish... I mean, who does that to someone that is going to school full time. Not to mention that Dan is coming home this weekend, so lets see if I do any of my homework then. Plus, I'll be so fucking tired from work I won't want to do my homework, so I think I am going to call Friday off. I have to do an Aids/HIV presentation and I think I am going to do that and then go home and just kinda do some homework and then I think he is getting home around 5, so I'll go watch him bowl and possibly do some more homework there... that could work. And I am staying at his house on friday because my mom needs to take her comprehension test for her masters and if I DO work on Friday, I am not going to be getting home til about 11, and I think she might kill me- so now Dan can kill me because he'll probably wake up for my alarm at 9 in the morning... oh well, he'll just roll over and go back to sleep. But I'm kinda looking forward to this weekend...

Yeah, I need to start doing loans and everything for Regent University. I know I am all registered and I have classes but I'm not sure whats going on with housing and I need to go to Walgreens and get my passport photos so I can send them to school so that they can be used as an ID. I am so excited but in a way, I don't want to go. I think I will be coming back around April 19th because I have this HUGE thing I need to do for irish music and I think Dan is coming out to visit me (hopefully), so I don't think it will be too bad. Plus, Thanassi will be there for my 21st and we can already drink - so WOOHOO!! Atleast I will know someone that isn't my great-aunt.

Now, the pool game... HAHA. I think my dad and my team is about to kill me. I played pool yesterday and sucked BIG time. Well, maybe not big time but I didn't play like I wanted to. I had three chances to run out and then I missed a stupid shot worrying about position. I need to slow down and stop watching my dad play pool because supposedly, I shoot just like him. I speed up. Nick Varner came in though, so I got to see my dad get his ass kicked by Nick... I'm sure that's what my dad wanted. I love watching them play because my dad is a good player and Nick is just AMAZING. I mean, he's a ten time world champion. So, that was cool. I have leagues tonight and I'm not exactly sure where we are playing because I didn't go last week... whoops.

I am starting to miss the summer though when everyone was around. Now, it's just me and Steve... haha! Ok, well me, Steve and Sarah. But I can't wait for winter break... it's so strange how everything is changing though. It's like no one talks anymore. God, so tired. When I got home from shooting pool. I wasn't tired so of course, I put the Simpsons in for 30 minutes and just goofed off. But now I am suffering... all I want to do is go to bed. So Monty can sufficate me when I am sleeping - like he always is. But that's about it... more people better be visiting me in London!!! And I guess we will just have to celebrate my 21st a little early... only by 2 weeks.. haha. Which means, no bars for Heather unless it is for pool league where they don't even card me anymore, not like they did in the first place because you have to be 21 and over to be on the leagues... yeah, well that didn't happen.

Alrighty, so it is off to Shakespeare for me and we are now on King Lear... WOOHOO!!! My cousin is named after this, Regan Therese. We later found out, it is also the name of the character in the Exorcist... haha- well, she's a bitch. That's about it and I promise to update more!!

Current Mood: sleepy
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
11:36 am
I'm not sure if this is going to work... oh well-
Life is Random...ask questions
Ocean or Lake?oceans... but yeah - no sharks
Pizza or Chinese?that's a tuffy because I am craving chinese right now but generally it is pizza because I love it...
Mansion or Penthouse?mansion
Have you been on a Jet Ski?oh yea baby!!!
Are you afraid of clowns?a little bit... the ones at six flags sucked balls...
How many brothers/sisters do you have?I have 2 step brothers
Favorite band/group?uh right now - probably Fall Out Boy because they are always in my head
Baseball or football?Generally football to watch on TV... baseball games are better to go to. Go drinking and GO WHITE SOX!!!
Favorite brand of makeup?MAC because I have to use it for dance and its really nice but really expensive
Waffles or pancakes?Belgian Waffles
Do you have an IPod?nope... nor do I really want one. But my 12 year old niece just got a mini so yeah...
Bike or scooter?bike but I haven't been on one of those in years. When I got a car, it was goodbye bike
Ever go in a hot air balloon?yea
How will you celebrate turning 21?I will be in London with my friend Thanassi for school. I found out that they still celebrate 21st there, like it's a huge thing here in the US. The only difference is, they were legal to drink 3 years ago.
What brand computer do you have?Compaq
How many times have you been to DisneyWorld?never- I've only been to DisneyLand and that was when I 3.
Favorite city?wow... I love London and I really love Dublin but I would still have to say Sydney, Australia or Glasgow, Scotland. It was amazing!!!And of course CHI-TOWN!
Ice cream or frozen yogurt?Ice cream... I like the fatty stuff. That could be why I gained weight... hmm.
Do you think you are fat?Not fat but I've gained weight from 3 years ago. I used to be 115 and now I'm like 123. I know that might not seem like a lot but when you are a dancer, any weight changes things.
Ever throw up in a public place?Once, but I was in the bathroom at the time.
Do you have a pool?Nope
Ever drive a car?No never. I walk to JJC every day of my life. I leave my house at 2am... of course I have.
How many times a month do you go to the movies?I used to go a lot but because my work has me on a 5 days a week work schedule... I dunno maybe twice. But my twice is like 5 movies though.
Last movie you saw?The Exorcism of Emily Rose I think--- and that movie was FRICKIN AWESOME!! Maybe its because I read some things on it before hand but it was still really good.
Who is your hero?Not to sound really corny but probably my mom. My mom raised me alone since the time I was 5 and my dad isn't really a big help. And she made sure that I went to my soccer/basketball/dance practices and got me everything I needed for it... including a $1200 dress.
How old are your parents?My dad is 50 and my mom is 29... haha. She Wishes!
What deceased person would you like to meet?Elizabeth I... I know, I'm sad. What can I say?!? History major. Or my grandfather because he died when I was 1 1/2 so I never really got the chance to know him.
Do you chew ice?not really - hurts my teeth.
Have you been to California?When I was little but I should be going there soon because my uncle lives out there.
Last book you read?I'm trying to remember... I read something on the way to Ireland and now i have no clue what it was... maybe Wicked.
Favorite teacher?I love my history teachers from both LWE and JJC... so I don't know if I could really chose.
Do you like to go fishing?not really. It's ok. But my dad makes me take these week long trips and after day three- I am about to kill myself.
How many of those do you regret?What do I regret?!? I regret a lot of things...
What is you average in school?I have a B average... It would probably be higher if I actually applied myself.
Favorite professional team?Baseball- WHITE SOX/ Football- BEARS (even though they suck)/ Basketball- BULLS (again, suck)/ Soccer- either MAN U or ARSENAL. (depends on if I want to kill the coaches that season)
Do you like mohawks?they are ok... I'm not in love with them or anything
How many pairs of shoes do you own?not many... like 5
Do you floss?sometimes... I should more often though
Do you have braces?Never had them...
Do you bite your nails?Not really
What is your last thought before falling asleep?Crap... I have to be up way to early tomorrow
Do you fall in love easily?Nope... takes me a while to trust a person
Ever have a crush and they never knew?Yeah...
Do you babysit?I used to more often but yeah - sometimes
Ever been shot at?Nope. But when I lived in Hazel Crest- someone did get shot on the next block when I was outside.
Do you work out/exercise?Sometimes- I used to work out a lot more than I have been. I need to get my ass back into shape.
Do you have 6 pack abs?I used to have a 4 pack... I'm not sure how that worked either but whatever.
Do you consider yourself nice?I think so
What movie character would you like to be?I have no idea
Do you go to camp for the summer?Nope- nor have I.
Ever been bit by a snake?Nope- and hopefully I really don't have to worry a lot about it.
Have you been on a boat?Yeah - almost every year when my dad makes me take that INSANE fishing trip
Name of friend you have known the longest?dunno - Aj Hess maybe - but I concider my cousin a friend even though we never see each other - so then I would have to say Katie.
Do you like jumping on a trampoline?love them
Ever break a bone?haha - you are talking to the QUEEN of injuries!
Name of favorite Aunt/Uncle?haha - My aunt Julie - I love her (Katie, if you are reading this, you can let her know that too)
What is your ultimate job?dunno - I am in school to be a history teacher and make little money - so who knows. Acting would be awesome... I haven't been on a stage in years though, i miss it. :(
Do you want to walk on the moon?Not really. I like my feet to stay on the ground. The only time they are coming up is when I want to dance... which is generally quite often.
Can you name the seven dwarfs?Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, and Happy... I think that is right. Holy Shit I watch WAY TOO MANY movies. No wonder I passed the Who Wants to be a Millionaire Movie Audition - HAHA
Favorite TV show?probably Desperate Housewives
Apples or oranges?Apples
Favorite model of car?dunno - I just want an SUV later in life... when gas prices go down.
Favorite flower?I'm such a girl in this department - roses.
Favorite color?Favorite color is green but I look best in red.
Besides family, ever have someone of the opp sex in your bedroom?maybe... haha.
Ever climb out your bedroom window?Yep - and I had to climb into it because I locked myself out.
Do you live in an apartment or house?I live in a craphole...
How many times in the last month have you had the hiccups?a lot for some reason... maybe I should lay off the beer.
Ever laugh so hard milk came out your nose?No because I don't drink milk.
How many cousins do you have?23... FIRST COUSINS!!! Can you say... reproduce like rabbits?!?
Do you believe in ghosts?yep... what can I say
If you were a bird, what would you be?one that doesn't get eaten.
Ever get stitches?yep... a couple of times
If you could, would you want to know what your future was going to be?Nope... thats part of living
How many kids do you want to have?2 or 3 but whatever comes really. I know I don't want 1 because it sucks. Thank god for John and Donny!
If you could change your name, what would it be?Maggie, which is probably going to be my kids name. It's funny how I was supposed to be named that and now I really like it!
Dogs or cats?both but dogs more so
Who do you tell your problems to?a couple of people - mostly Jen because she is always there and Dan or Aj - people on the corner of the street... you know - who ever will listen
Who can your tell your secrets to and know they wont tell?Jen... but when I tell Jen a secret - I know she is going to tell Graham which really doesn't bother me. He's like her appendige
Do you believe in love at first sight?yeah
Do you go to church?I used to but not so much any more
Would you marry outside your religon?yeah - as long as they believe in Jesus. I don't think I could do anything else because it would just get way to complicated.
Volleyball or tennis?Volleyball - since I used to play it
How many people were at your last party?Uh... at the Kerry Piper - like 20.
Ever ride in a limo?yea... prom was fun.
Ever drink champagne?weddings - of course. My family is smashed by 9:00
Favorite dinner?anything with pasta!

Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
10:13 pm
Wow... Since I haven't updated since... forever!
It's amazing what happens when you are working 6 days a week. It's been crazy. School is going well, crappy. I am going to be dropping my sociology class because I don't think I can take her class one more minute. Friday, I played pool with Heather and got hit on my some not so attractive guys. It was fun that we only played pool for 6 hours instead of 14 like we did last weekend. But let's face it, we played better in the tourney then we did on Friday. Then on Saturday, I worked from 10 til 4 and had a party... so I made a 100 that I have yet to get. The guys credit card had a limit so his wife had to come back and write a check but I needed to go catch a 7:20 movie with Bear so we ate dinner and then left. We did a 3 for 1... oops. I broke the law. We saw MirrorMask which was kinda cool (come on,it was done by Neil Gaiman) and then we saw Brothers Grimm because of Matt Damon... haha - Team America. And then we went to go see the Exorcism of Emily Rose. For those of you who are interested in that kind of stuff. GO SEE IT!!! It was amazing and Laura Linney did an AMAZING job. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. It was that good.

But today was my lazy day. I sat around until 8 where it is perfectly silent in my house and I watch Desperate Housewives... OH MY GOD- so good!! And then my mom and I watch Crossing Jordan and then I think she is watching Sex and the City (which kinda makes me laugh) and I am sitting here watching A Lot Like Love. And if this turns out to be a waste of time, then I am going to go watch SNL: Best of Gilda Radner, because I love her. :)

Tomorrow, I get to go drop my Sociology class which is always fun!!! And then Biology for 2 hours. And then I am off to work. When I walk into the door - I get 100 dollars for NOTHING because I didn't get in on Saturday! I am actually working inside so I can get some money. They have been sticking my out on the patio, where it's cold and no one will sit out there and I will get cut by 7:30. Then afterwards, I will either go see Heather shoot pool or I, myself, go shoot pool where I can get yelled at by my dad and anyone else (people I don't even know) about how I missed a cross-side. haha.

Tuesday, I get to yell at my two history teachers about how they didn't write my letters of recommendation and they better have it! And then, who knows- maybe I'll talk Thanassi into having lunch with me if he doesn't have class and then see if I can make his softball game and then I have pool at like 9 (depending on where it is)... once again, no one tells me where we are playing.

But who knows what else is happening - probably won't have to work on Weds or Fri (unless it is warm) and no work on THurs... SO TRIVIA!! Woohoo :)
Monday, August 22nd, 2005
1:36 am
The days just seem to keep rolling by
Wow, the summers seem to keep going quicker and quicker. I had my first day of work (by myself... not training) and suprisingly- it was a lot of fun. I only had four tables but my first table had this little old man from County Mayo and he was so cute. They left me a really good tip :) But I wound up staying after work with Casey and Julie to listen to the cover band and watch the two of them drink. Today, I literally did nothing in the afternoon. I had dinner with Meagan and Steve and my mommy at Applebee's and then I dragged Meagan (Steve came willingly) to see The 40 Year Old Virgin. It was funny as hell. Then I met Bear to go see Skeleton Key and it was actually pretty good.

I still can't believe I start school tomorrow and I still have to buy books. Tomorrow, I have Sociology and Biology (which I am kinda dreading). And I have to explain all my teachers that I am leaving for Ireland on Weds and I still need to pack... Scary! But then I am going to go pack and then (hopefully if I'm done) go watch Steve bowl because I said I wouldn't leave him alone with Cook... haha.

Tuesday, I am going to school and then going to Kell's- we are going shopping for anything we might not have and then that's about it. I think I am just watching Rory for the morning and then we leave for the airport around 1ish. SO EXCITED!!!

But that's about it... I can't believe it. 2 1/2 DAYS AND COUNTING!!!!!!!!!

(And doesn't Mr. Rogers look like a pedaphile in that picture... haha. I mean, think about where his hand is. Poor King Friday :( )
Monday, August 15th, 2005
10:39 pm
Same old...same old
I can't believe summer is coming to a close. I still have to buy all my books (who knows when I am going to do that. I think I might have to bring the kids with me or I'll do it Thursday after work.) But it just feels like summer has flown by.. I mean - I've been dating Dan for almost two months and it doesn't even feel like one yet. It's going to be insane when he goes back to school though.

So, Junior Entertainer's Workshop went...alright. Some of the kids were a little crazy and then Kell started to tell me I need to grab there attention. How do I grab kids attention with something they don't want to do? And when we just started to do step dancing instead of ceili dancing - they were all happy. But then I got yelled at because it wasn't "social dancing" or ceili dancing. Oh well - at least they were having fun and not complaining to me that they wanted to go swimming. But after work - I literally sat around and talked and picked up three movies from he video store because Dan didn't call me... the big poohead! jk. I got Man of the House with Tommy Lee Jones which was pretty cute and then Kung Fu Hustle which I have not watched yet and The Incredible Mr. Limpet because well... I just love that movie. I mean, come on, it's Don Knotts!!!

Today - I tried to sleep in but my mom woke me up around 10 so we could clean the house. Thank god for Jen saying we were having lunch at Panera or I think I would have gone CRAZY. So lunch with the girls was kinda nice. One last big hurray... Jen, Meagan, Alli, and myself. So when I finally got home, it was time to leave for work. Got there like 10 minutes late because of traffic but what can you do?!? Like they care- it was totally dead when I got there. It was just the waitstaff hitting each other with wet towels... oh yeah, I missed a lot. Started to work for $1 night- and I was waiting my own tables because Kathy (who is my trainer) and I had about 8 tables... So I took three. it was nice because she gave me like $10 at the end of the night. Not bad except for the fact ALL of it went into my gas tank. What is with all these gas prices!! ARGH! Anywho, so after work - I just left and went to Kell's house and that is where i am now. Bored out of my mind because I though Kell was going to stay up but NO - she went to bed at 10:30. I mean, I gave up Buffalo Wild Wings for this. The last dinner with the group dammit! Oh well, I leave for Ireland in about 9 DAYS!!! OH YEAH BABY!

Tomorrow, I am giving lessons to Kara and Kevin who are going to Ireland to compete for the World title in singing. (Kevin in English U12 and Kara in Irish 12-15) I mean.. come on... she is going to compete for the world title in a language she doesn't even speak! Should be a lot of fun. They are leaving on Friday for Scoil Eigse. Which is an extensive week long course with tunes and songs and dancing. It should be a lot of fun for them.. I'm jealous but I'm too old. :( And then after that - I am going to pool leagues... wherever they are. No one tells me ANYTHING on this team. But I should be shooting like crap because I have practiced in about a week. So that should be fun! And then I know I am going to see Dan sometime (or I better) but I know I want to see Shelly before she leaves for school as well. Too many people leaving at the same time. I think the only people that are not leaving this week are Meagan and Steve (who goes to JJC). And Meagan isn't leaving until Sept 6 or something like that, so atleast I'll have something to do when people leave.

But Weds-Fri, I am babysitting the Ramos kids - YET AGAIN! This drives me crazy and he underpaid me last week. I am way to nice and didn't say anything. I need to grow some balls or something and not let people walk all over me! But thats about all that has been happening to me lately. I know... exciting, huh?!?

Current Mood: mellow
Sunday, August 14th, 2005
5:28 am
Since I can't get to sleep- I decided that I would update my journal. Pathetic, huh?

Oh well, the last couple days working at the Kerry Piper have been good. Got to see my old irish dance teacher Katie - which was both good and a little awkward. Got to see pictures of her new baby and the old one that seems to be growing up WAY to fast - Keely and Kiera(or however she spelled it... I know it starts with a K though) Tonight I got to sit down and listen to Frank and Dave (awesome cover band) and drink a Mudslide which the waitstaff made (we don't even make Mudslide's)... too much fun in the kitchen. But then friends of mine came in (one is a police officer) and so I had to do a shot with him. Oatmeal Cookies are yummy. I suggest everyone try one if they are 21 and if not... try one but don't get caught. I had a drink with my table 110. They were awesome and wanted me to have a drink with them after work- so I did. Don't worry anyone... they were 30 and all married :) but it was still a lot of fun. They left a really nice tip ($36 on a $110 tab) But the only thing sad about that is that my trainer gets that and she was sick the whole day and in the bathroom. How much does that suck?!? And then my mom came in - I had a Blue Moon with her and then followed her to White Castles. Nothing like eating grease after drinking with your mom. So, it's been crazy. But a lot of fun. The next day I work is Monday on $1 Burger night. So, it should be interesting. Crazy!

Tomorrow I have Junior Entertainer's Day with Murphy Roche. Nothing like working with a bunch of 10 year olds on your day off. But atleast I don't have to do anything until 2 or so. And then I am off to my grandparents because they love me and are giving me some money for Ireland. I have to go tomorrow because my grandfather is going into the hospital from Monday to Weds. They tell me that it is just tests because his white count is low and he is losing weight. (For those of you who do not know my grandfather - he has leukemia. The treatable kind though- so... at least that is something) But tomorrow my mom wants me to go to a session with her in the city and I'm 50/50 right now. I'm not sure if I want to drive to Clark and something to go sit in on a session... but who knows. We would take two cars so I can see Dan when he gets back from Ohio. But then I am also supposed to go see Skeleton Key with Bear and practice pool sometime. There are not enough hours in the day.

So that's been my life for the past couple days. I got to talk to John a little bit in Iraq so that was nice. Hope John and Jennie are safe... but yeah - now I am going to try and go back to bed...

10 MORE DAYS TO IRELAND AND COUNTING!!! Which means 8 more days til school... :(
Thursday, August 11th, 2005
6:53 pm
Day after Day
After getting up at 6 in the morning everyday for the past week and a half... I can feel it drain on me. Getting there at 7 and the kids are CRAZY!!! They don't stop fighting EVER! It's a constant battle because someone is chewing the wrong way or they want something the other one has. They are 11 and 8!!! The 15 year old sleeps til about 2 in the afternoon so I rarely see Shireen.

So, finally started to work at the Kerry Piper. It's been good except two reason... 1) With me getting up at 6 and the time I go to work at 4, I am exhausted and then I have to work til 11. 2) With everyone getting ready to go back to school - I miss seeing everyone. Dan is going back to school next Thursday and I think everyone else is going back sometime that weekend. It's going to be so lonely when they leave... lots of trips to ISU and EIU...

Dan, Graham, Bob and Jim went to the Cubs game today all decked out with paint and their nails... I swear to god my boyfriend is gay... haha. :) But I get to see him today after trivia. I think Jen and I are getting there early and having something to drink and then splitting dessert because everything is half off to me... WOOHOO!! After trivia, we are going to Graham's for some kind of party which basically means bonfire in the backyard and more mosquito bites.

This weekend, is kinda pointless. I have to work on Friday night at 4:30 and still not sure what I am doing with babysitting because he said he might just take the day off of work, which would be great for me so I can finally get some sleep. And then after work, party at Jen's. I'm not exactly sure what that means either and I don't think she knows. Saturday - nothing until work and then Sunday i have to do Junior Entertainer's Workshop for Murphy Roche... hopefully I'll be done by 5 and then I can still have a life after working with kids for the whole day.

It's been so weird lately. I've been thinking (I know... it was a shock for me too) and I can't believe how fast time is going. Everyone is going back to school and over the summer, some people stopped talking and then others became best friends... it's funny - it seems like high school all over again. I thought that the time you go to college was a time when people grew up but I guess it is just life experiences. I mean, Dan and I and Jen and Graham have been dating for almost 2 months now and it still feels like the first couple of weeks. (It's funny when one of your best friends has the exact same anniversary as you but it makes things simple). I leave for Ireland on August 24th - two days after school starts. Last year, I was gone for three weeks... I miss being over there. I don't know if it is because I don't live over there or because I feel so much more connected but the week I am overseas... I feel home. I know that sounds crazy but it's true...

So now, Jen just walked in - saw how long this journal was and she's wearing a towel... see - public nudity means nothing to me anymore after having Jen as a friend. :) But I don't think I have anything else to announce... so I think I am going to go watch Jen change...
Sunday, August 7th, 2005
1:37 pm
Why does everything happen to my family?
Why does Murphy's Law always apply to me (and so help me, if anyone writes because I'm Irish... I'll kick you!).

Yesterday, while bringing up the landry, my aunt fell backwards and hit her head on the railing. (Now, why she was doing landry at 5:00 in the morning... we don't know) She's stable and she woke up this morning but she is also the same aunt we found out has uterian cancer (I really can't spell). So, my uncle is having a really hard time with this. We spent the day at the hospital with him (from 6:30 til about 4:00) and then he told us to go home because there was nothing we could do. My cousin is coming home tomorrow to help out... So I'm not exactly sure who is picking her up from the airport because I am working literally ALL FRICKIN DAY AND NIGHT! But if anyone reads this, please keep my aunt in your prayers. The doctor said the outlook looks good that she can come home sometime this week but it wouldn't be the first time a doctor has been wrong. It's been a trying couple of days and I'm kinda still in shock. I was supposed to go to EIU for a party yesterday but I want to thank all of them for calling me and making sure I'm okay. Every couple of hours, I got a phone call or a text message saying that they were there for me... and I can't tell you guys how much that means to me! Hopefully you guys had fun without me.

But if anyone needs to get a hold of me today, I'll be at Rory's birthday party. For those of you who don't know who Rory is, he's kinda like my little brother that had a MAJOR crush on me when he was like 8. But today he turns 12. I can't believe it!!! So many memories with this kid~ some good... some annoying, but he wouldn't be like a little brother without that annoying part! And anyone that wants to come... more than welcome. Bring a swimsuit!

Friday, August 5th, 2005
4:45 pm
Busy for the next two weeks...
So, besides Graham's party this weekend at EIU, I also got my work schedule for the next two weeks...

Friday 8/5- I am going to Crystal's party for a little but before heading up to Kell's so we can plan for this weekend and Ireland. And then I am probably going to go practice pool because a) Dan is going to EIU tonight b) I guess there is going to be some big money play tonight so I kinda want to see that.

Saturday 8/6- Well, I am going to go to irish music lessons until 2ish and then I am going to EIU with Steve and then party at Graham's!!! Woohoo!

Sunday 8/7- Coming back from EIU and then who knows... boredom. Remember to call Rory because it is his birthday.

Monday 8/8- I think I am babysitting the Ramos kids yet again. So I get to wake up at 6. Get there at 7. Babysit til around 3:30 and then I have to leave for the Kerry Piper to get to work by 4:30 until whenever I get cut.

Tuesday 8/9- Same thing, Babysit at 6. Babysit until whenever and then I have pool leagues. Woohoo... no idea where I am though.

Weds 8/10- Babysitting until 4ish so I can get to work by 5:00 until close (which means 1:00)... too late!

Thurs 8/11- Babysitting until whenever and then probably going to trivia with Jen if she doesn't pimp out on me. I think Kara is coming too. :) So that's cool. I haven't seen her in AGES!

Friday 8/12- Babysitting until around 3:30 and then work at 4:30 until I get cut... which kinda sucks.

Saturday 8/13- Nothing until 4:30 and then Kerry Piper. My life sucks at this moment... I can feel it. :)

Sunday 8/14- JUNIOR ENTERTAINER'S... A lot of 12 year olds... please kill me. And I don't get paid for this either. :(

Monday 8/15- Babysitting until 4ish and then work at 5. This basically means I can't go to bowling anymore.. oh well. So I am working til close yet again.

Tuesday 8/16- Babysitting until Tony gets home and then pool league...

Weds 8/17- Babysitting until 3:30ish and then work at 4:30.

Thurs 8/18- Babysitting until 3:30ish and hopefully the bowling alley but I'm not sure when Dan is going back to school.

Friday 8/19- Babyitting until 3:30 and then work at 4:30. Then hopefully something because I am going to be dead tired.

Saturday 8/20- Hopefully nothing but sleep until 4:30 when I am working... yet again!

Sunday 8/21- FINALLY NOTHING!!! Jen, I think you are leaving but when is everyone else leaving??? Let me know because I want to see all of you before you leave for school and myself for Ireland.

Monday 8/22- First Day of School. :( 10:00-10:50 Soc. 290. Cultural Diversity and then 12:00-1:55 Biological Diversity. So atleast I'll be home by 2:30.

Tuesday 8/23- Second Day... Woohoo! 8:00- 9:15 Theatre 101. 9:35-10:50 Hist/Civilization 105 (WITH TANYA!!!) and then Eng 250 Intro to Shakespeare from 12:35-1:50 (AGAIN WITH TANYA)... Should be fun. Cuvalo is going to hate us but Buck learned to love us!!!


I'm going to be busy for the next two weeks but give me a call because I want to see you all~ :)
12:16 am
Wow... interesting couple of days!

I saw the SOX lose... how depressing! But on a higher note, I brought my boyfriend to the game (he's a CUBS fan) and he got to witness my mom's boyfriend sticking his tongue down her throat. Can we all say EW? Yeah, interesting indeed.

But Dan has been really quiet and something is wrong but he won't tell me... men. What can I say... hopefully sometime in the next- year or so... he'll tell me. HA! But it's crazy that we have already been dating for a month. How weird is that??

So this weekend, I am going to EIU for a party at Graham's new apartment. I'm a little scared already. But I start at the Kerry Piper this week- so that will be fun since I know all the regulars... haha!

And tomorrow I get to have lunch with C-BO! I haven't seen her in ages!! The last time was probably a year ago at Olive Garden before I left for Scotland. She's only in for a week before she goes back to Iowa. So we are going to Friday's tomorrow. :) I get to spend all my money!! Haha.

Anywho, I have to babysit this week. Ugh! 6am for the next 5 days... anyone want to go for me?!? I think on Weds though I am taking them to Centennial. So Jen, do you want to stay after on Weds and we can get some sun and the kids can swim?? Give me a call or whatever or I will see you tomorrow- haha! But I definitaly need to see some more people before I leave (Shelly, Katie...) 3 more weeks baby before Ireland!!! Oh Yeah!

Well, time for bed - so this is everything.. haha :)
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
1:56 am
OH MY GOD!!! Is basically summing up my day today...

So, I wake up at 5 am (and for those of you who really know me, I'm not a morning person). Bear comes and picks us up at 6:30 and drives to Resorts Casino in East Chicago, Indiana for the audition for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Movie Edition. Yeah, get there around 7:30 and stand in line for the next three hours. Then, we finally get upstairs to yet again, sit in another line but this time we get to fill out a survey!! (I know, exciting). But this survey wasn't like your name, address (even though those were on it)... it was like, do you have any bad habits or have you had any strange pets OR (my favorite) What would Meredith Vierra find most interesting about you?!? Like I care what Meredith thinks about me. Anyway, we sit in line and fill out this survey and myself, Bear and my mom are one of the last group of 200 to go file in the room to take the actual test to see if you made it. Well, I FRICKIN MADE IT!!! I COULD BE ON WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE!! Again, Regis isn't doing it but still, I was the only 20 year old... hell I was the only one in their twenties to make it. Bear made is as well but I felt really bad for my mom... she was the only one who didn't make it out of our little group. :( I mean, this is the woman who raised me and let me watch every movie known to man... and 22 out of the 30 questions were older movies (60's or later). I wasn't even alive then.

So, I am now in a contestant pool... whatever. I still passed. My mom got a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire shirt though (techincally it's mine, but I can't fit into a L and (well, neither can she) but I felt bad that I made it into the next round and she didn't) But out of our 200, 12 made it through and in the group before 7... so, I did okay :) But then, all three of us went to go see Sky High. Not that bad. Average Disney Movie... Then I went to bowling. Where Dan bowled at 290 on his last game! Way to Go! I can barely bowl 90... haha.

So now I am home... tomorrow I have to go and get an oil change or my car might actually break down, then I tutor Dell at 1 and then off to pool leagues at 7... BUSY! Oh well... Someone call the cell to keep me entertained!
Friday, July 29th, 2005
6:48 pm
just in case someone needs to get a hold of me...
Alrighty~ yet again, the schedule of Heather...

July 29th: (Which would be today)... I dropped my little cousin off at the airport and she found the terminal all by herself... Go Katie! I'm glad that at age 16- you can walk in an airport by yourself and not get lost. Then tonight, I am going to the Kerry Piper for a little bit to see the Ploughboys! Haven't seen them in ages and I need to go listen to some good irish music! Then it is off to Graham's for some good quality drinking. Oh yes... not a lot because we have to wake up at 8 tomorrow. Blah! But card games will be fun!

July 30th: Off to Six Flags!! I think there is about 12-14 of us, so it should be a lot of fun. I guess Seaman's dad's company rented like 1/4 or 1/2 of the park- so it shouldn't be that bad. Plus, season pass.. Oh baby! So we are getting there when it opens and I have no idea what time we are leaving but all I know is that I need to go practice pool. HARD CORE STYLE. I got yelled at by my dad today because he hasn't seen me in a week and he said that I was on such a good schedule and I need to keep it up if I have any chance at playing at Pheasant Run in Oct. or IL state in March. Oh well... life will go on if I don't, right.

July 31st: Fundraiser for Ireland with Murphy Roche. Need to send Heather to Ireland to meet a bunch of people I don't know. It should be fun though... and then I have no idea what but I know my mom is going to make me get some sleep so we can meet up with Bear tomorrow.

August 1st: Tryouts for Movie Week for Who wants to be a millionare. Oh yes, my mom signed the two of us up without our knowledge... so guess what, I'm going to go try out. I know enough about movies... not about anything else- but movies. But Bear is coming too... and he knows 10X the movie trivia that I do. It should be fun though. And then it is off to bowling to see Dan and Graham and Steve and all them and then off to Buffalo Wild Wings. YUM :)

August 2nd: Nothing planned except for league at 7. At Mulligans in Monee. Should be fun since I won last week which means... who knows. Win or Lose I could care less now.

August 3rd: Sox game with my mom, Mike(her BF), Dan and myself. It should be funny because Dan is a Cubs fan and the three of us are die hard Sox fans, especially Mike. I have to tell Dan that be better not wear his Sox hat or I can't be sure what Mike will do.

August 4th: Trivia because I missed it last week. And Kara Friel was there and everything... AND THEY WON... without me :( And then probably back home to see Dan... or pool. Depends if my dad wants to yell at me or not.

August 5th: I think Jen and myself are driving down together and I think we are going to Eastern to see Graham's new apartment and PARTY!!! I have no idea for how long though... the weekend or just that night. I am always the last to find out.

August 6&7th: Probably Still at Graham's would be my guess...

After that... I don't know what is going on. I know Dan leaves for school August 19th and then I leave for Ireland August 24th. (If there is anything that I am forgetting... just let me know) My mind has been totally gone this summer... I'm getting old. :( Wow, this summer has gone by so quickly- it's crazy!! This happened that I didn't expect, saddness came but happiness followed shortly behind it. I guess it's just the beginning of getting older.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
12:05 am
Wow... so, I didn't go to Warped Tour. We were bums... haha. So, what did we do instead you ask?!? We went to Odyssey Fun World and went on the Go-Karts and spent some money that we were already going to spend. It was a lot of fun and then it was off to my cousins where we watched Ice Princess and I rented Robin Williams: Live on Broadway. That's right, I let my 16 year old cousin watch that... I kinda forgot about the ending but whatever. She's old enough.

Then on Sunday- Dan come home so I now have a life yet again! So, my mom and I already had dinner planned with Jen and Burt so he came along. Nothing like introducing him to the crazy Southern and Aussie. HAHA. We had fun. It was too hot to ride the motorcycle but we did smoke a CIGAR! We have a tradition where we all smoke from the same cigar like a peacepipe. It was fun. Bella is so cute (the Boston Terrier) and thank god she is no longer eating my toes all the time.

And then we went to Graham's and Dan played poker and I sat around with Laura/Lara and Vincent. Lots of fun but we had to leave early because both Dan and I had to get up at 6. Ugh... then I had to drive myself to Romeoville... blah! But it was fun. I got payed to literally watch movies. The kids are 8,11, and 15. The two younger ones woke up at 7:30 and Tony told me they wouldn't wake up until 9ish... SO, no nap for Heather and Shareen didn't wake up until 1:30... lucky! But we had nothing to do because it rained all day! So we watched, Spy Kids 3 and Haunted Mansion and Dodgeball. The kids are great and I feel like I am getting payed for having fun but I'm not complaining. Money to go to Six Flags with on saturday. I am so excited to go!!! I don't know if we are doing the waterpark or the amusement park and I don't care. Whatever... all I have to say is that I am not babysitting Jen- so not A LOT of alcohol for you. :)

But I am babysitting for the next two days and then I have lunch with Shelly, somewhere... no idea. Should be fun because we really haven't talked or seen each other in about a month. Then trivia and then probably back to the bowling alley or wherever the guys are. Fun filled week!! And I think that about does it...

Friday, July 22nd, 2005
5:02 pm

My friend Steve just called me and I think I am going to warped tour. WOOHOO!! My friends Graham and Steve didn't want me to feel left out because everyone else is going and yeah, I didn't have to money because of Ireland. So I get to pay them back around September. Best friends ever!!!

So I have no idea what is going on but I think there is a 90% chance of me going. They didn't want me to miss Dropkick Murphy's. :)

(Oh, Shelly, the blame wasn't supposed to be put on you. It's just the few times I've tried to call you, you were either with Joe or at work but we have both been uber busy. But yeah, give me a call tomorrow because we will both be at Warped Tour! Woohoo! Later~)
2:55 am
I have to do this again because Heather is an idiot...
Friday July 22nd
I get to pick up my claddagh because it's been bent for about a year now and finally decide to spend the $20 and get it fixed. I also might go to the Three Men in Kilts show because frankly, I have nothing better to do... isn't that sad?? But Jen is coming home tomorrow at some point so who knows- I might have something better to do- who knows?

Saturday July 23rd
I think I might be playing pool with my coach but who knows- every one else is going to Warped Tour and me being broke because I had to pay for college and my Ireland trip. I didn't feel like spending $40 to see bands on a really hot day. Plus, I would much rather sit around and drink in Ireland!! WOOHOO! AND Dan is coming in around midnight which means he'll be home around 1- so I'll probably talk to him for a little bit. But I am staying at my cousin's so she doesn't blow something up... right, Katie?!? I don't know what we are doing but it's cousin bonding time. :) haha...

Lunch/Dinner whatever at Jen and Burt's. I think I might bring Dan along because I haven't seen him in a week. But if not, I will see him tonight because yeah - kinda missed him. But anywho, Burt has a new bike... I get to ride it and CIGARS... haha. I am so not a prissy girl...

Monday July 25th
I am babysitting the Ramos kids from like 7 til about 3 but it doesn't matter because Dan is at work anyway and then I get to come home and shower... OH BABY! Then off to my regular routine of bowling. I think I am staying at my cousins again... so party out in Flossmoor. jk Katie...

Tuesday July 26th
Babysit Ramos kids around the same time and then shower and pool at Frankfort Bowl... or whatever they call it. I have to go up a flight of stairs to get to it. But last week was fun. I made my mom play a round of Scotch Doubles with my coach and another player on my team. It was funny because my team kept buying her drinks - so she had about 6 beers and started to play- I think she missed a grand total of about 5 shots. I was amazed! But, whatever, should be fun- if anyone wants to come, would love the company.

Weds July 27th
Uh, yet again babysitting. And then probably Kerry Piper or until I find something better to do because I don't want to drive all the way to Willowbrook with gas prices like they are.

Thursday July 28th
NO BABYSITTING! Oh yea! But probably trivia with whoever wants to come. Jen? Shelly? Alli? But then off to where ever the boys are after bowling. But I'm thinking, Jen will probably ditch me again to go straight to the bowling alley to be with Graham... blah! :) I love you anyway!!! But afterwards I am going to my cousins house so I don't have to worry about being late for tomorrow

Friday July 29th
Not babysitting because I am driving my lovely cousin to Midway so she can be off to New York. Bring me back something pretty. :) And then who knows... maybe something with Dan or the group or maybe it will just be me sitting in a corner. I don't know what the future holds.

Saturday July 30th
SIX FLAGS BABY HERE I COME!!! About time too. I bought a season pass and this is the first time I can use it. I hate having a busy schedule... that and no one to go with. :( But it should be fun. Dan went to Six Flags when he was in CA, so blah on him but anyone that wants to go... more than welcome. It should be a blast... as long as Jen buys me a margarita. Come on Jen, you owe me! JK!

Sunday July 31st
Murphy Roche BBQ. What a wonderful time to spend my sunday. With a bunch of 12 year olds playing irish music. But I love them! Will probably drag some of my friends along so I don't have to sit there all by myself. But afterwards, PARTY!

Well, that's July... off to August. But if anyone wants to do something... let me know. I know I want to go to DC Country Junction before we go back to school but I don't know when yet. But I miss hanging out with people... (looks at Shelly) oh well, life moves on. If anyone has anything else I am supposed to do, you know the cell phone number! Later~
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